Given time to reflect, come up with visions and recharge your batteries can be a good thing every once in awhile. It can force you to reassess your tastes and wants, what you want to capture or create. Come up with a story or project. Or, simply, let time pass to get hungry again.

Waiting on the sidelines

I made the decision to move up to full-frame right around the time I started this site and blog. Aside from being busy with my day job, I had been plotting the layout of the site along with the game plan to sell my APS-C (crop sensor) gear - a camera body (Nikon D7200) and a pair of lenses. The online auctions went rapidly, and the gear found new homes- Georgia, Iowa and California. I even parted with a guitar that I thought about playing much more than I actually did. “Rosa”, a Mexican-made Telecaster, wound up in Indiana. 

As I’m funding the new camera body (a Nikon D750) with the proceeds from the old gear, I’m caught with my proverbial pants down in waiting for the money from PayPal. So… I’ve been without a digital camera for the last week and a half. I do have a film camera, but just haven’t had the chance to pick up a new roll of film. While I’m itching to get something in my hands to shoot, I’m taking the time right now to recharge my batteries and plot a photographic project.

The remaining prime lens, a 50mm 1.8, turned out to be my favorite over the last year. It’s a technically sound lens and enables me to get close enough and far away from my scenes and subjects…. I’m not a zoom fan for anything outside of sports. On the D7200, 50mm equates to roughly 75mm of reach. That will be my lens for the time being, and it’s probably a good thing to be working with one lens right now- I’m sure there’s a learning curve moving to full-frame, as well as getting used to the new body itself.

That’s about it right now. I’m conceptualizing a pair of projects that will materialize here and on other social media sites in the coming months, so stay tuned…

Taking this live!

A blog? Like with words and shit? Isn’t this supposed to be a site dedicated to pictures? Less words, more images. If I wanted to be a journalist, I’d have been writing for the New York Times long ago. But no, I picked up a camera. I like to wander around, zone out and put my eye up to the viewfinder. Occasionally take a picture that’s hopefully worth a damn, and show it to you.

Ok, I’ll bite. So the goal of setting up a website is to showcase my work in a more professional format by building a portfolio. Facebook, Instagram, and 500px are great, but according to the people I put trust into with respect to gaining traction and being taken more seriously, a dedicated site is the way to go. So I spent some time over the course of a couple of weeks setting up this site - uploading a few images and a basic gallery… and decided to blog this out as well.

I hope those of you who wandered here - through word of mouth, or by links from the social media sites mentioned above - enjoy your stay. Come back on a regular basis or intermittently on random Tuesday afternoons if you find my images and visions interesting. That’d be great - after all, I’m doing this for you, the audience. And to gain some exposure… so please feel free to share this site and blog since getting the word out through any means of distribution is good for business and the ego. But enough self-promotion. Here we go - and enjoy the initial home page and NYC gallery. No, it doesn’t have the amount of content as Facebook / Instagram / 500px and that’s intentional. This site is really meant for select items and themes - and I hope to put up some project work that’s rattling around my head. Down the line, I’ll activate the store. Upward and onward!