Photo Shoot Planning

So you’ve reached out to book a session. We’ve set up time to get some looks for your modeling portfolio, environmental portraits, a family session or you’re single and are looking to build up a dating site profile. 9 times out of 10, I get the question…

“So how should I / we dress?”, or “What kind of wardrobe should I wear?”. My stock answer is, what’s the purpose of your photos? Along with that particular question, let me address some other minor points that will ensure we get exactly what you need out of our time together.

If this is for a modeling portfolio, my suggestion is to search the modeling agency’s site for their current lineup of models. Be the model you want, and what would fit their look and feel. This could end up being a fashion look, chic, fitness (if you’re looking to build a fitness portfolio) or a simple wardrobe that’s going to accentuate your figure or put the focus on your features. Are we shooting for brand ambassadorship? Wear that brand and the right accessories. Is this a seasonal / swimsuit session? Don’t forget your tan lines. While most of them can be edited out in post production, you’re going to want to even out your skin tones as lines will still be apparent even with the magic of Adobe.

For the editorial or environmental session, I’m going to suggest a wardrobe or outfit that’s going to represent your day-to-day style. It can range from a dress or skirt to a business formal look; jeans and blazer, or slacks you’re comfortable in. For this purpose, dress as if we’re documenting you on the go. Accessorize appropriately- hand bag, hat, sunglasses, etc.

For a family photo session, you’re going to be looking back on these pictures for years to come. When you look back on candid holiday pictures from days gone by, wardrobes and outfits can appear dated. Unless this is a fashion shoot, I don’t want us to be calling attention to current fashions so much as we’re taking pictures of people- so the focus needs to be on you rather than an outfit. Bottom line, my suggestions are going to be fairly straight-forward: wear timeless clothing. That again could be simple slacks / khakis, jeans or other pants, skirts or dresses that aren’t going to necessarily be a time capsule shot. For tops, again, less focus on flash and more about a complementary look.

Single and looking to build that New Year’s dating profile? Yes, you’ve come to the right place. Bear in mind, you’re going to want to present yourself with desirable recent pictures. Keep your ugly sweater day entry in the dresser drawer, and accentuate your face and skin tones. Dress to show off your body’s features… don’t be overly revealing, but portray yourself appealing and don’t wear a tent. The idea of these photos are to sell yourself. And don’t worry, we’re also taking tasteful shots you can use on more traditional social media for a freshened-up profile picture. I’m a big fan of these sessions, as when done right, they’re going to give you attractive head shots, a dating site portfolio and fun shots you can share with friends and family.

Another important aspect is grooming. If you’re going to use a makeup artist (MUA) or apply your own, it’s going to help out dramatically in setting up your mood and focus for the day. As you’re having your makeup applied before the shoot, take advantage of the time to conceptualize the types of shots you’d like. We’ll go over your ideas and the overall style when it’s time to step in front of the camera. Style your hair so that it’s complementary of your outfit and fits in with the goal of your session. If this is a casual session, beach look, or fitness, your hair could look playful. If we’re building your modeling portfolio or this is a family session, a more finished look is appropriate. If you’re applying gels or hairspray, make sure it’s evenly applied and you don’t have clumps and be careful of flakes from dried gel or spray. I have faced that unnecessary challenge, and I can say it’s not fun to deal with!

Clothing should be clean, pressed, free of lint, pet hair and loose threads / strands. I have been through too many sessions where lint balls and dog hairs have bogged down post production… which can cause a delay in turning the pictures around to you. Shoes should be clean and in good condition, important if we are going to take a full body shot.

Get a good night’s sleep the night before, and take it easy on the alcohol. Showing up exhausted with bloodshot eyes and bags underneath, your energy will be tapped for our time together. Your posture will suffer, facial expressions will be blank and overall it will diminish what we’re trying to accomplish.

These are some pointers and ideas that you can use when we set up our session. As well, if you have any questions leading up to our appointment, I urge you to call or shoot me a message.

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