Turning of the seasons

If you're living in the north east, it's probably no stretch or shame to say that you're exhausted with this winter. As mentioned in the last blog post when we explored shooting outside during inclement weather, we thought we were on the cusp of the finish line to the winter of '17. That wasn't necessarily the case, as we had one final nor'easter on the first full day of spring.

I'm personally looking forward to warmer temps, sunny skies, a drier climate and lush lawns. Clear roads, birds chirping... you get it. Along with photography, a love of mine is cycling... So I'm looking forward to the mornings and weekends when I can get out for a nice ride to clear my head while working up a sweat, get some skin color and come back home exhausted.

From an outdoor photography perspective, this will mean working with longer days and natural light in different ways than you might during the fall and winter. Utilizing the golden hour for natural light portrait work, getting warmer tones and bringing in the richer, fuller landscape as a background environment. It will mean adding different looks to the portfolio, as urban scenes will be supplemented with beach or forest settings... offering models and clients a fresh look to their photographs. This will also mean lighter wardrobes, different skin tones, perhaps lighter hair colors for those that tend to get darker in the winter.

Style-wise for pictures, it can mean employing lens flare to add a more dramatic touch. Using reflectors instead of off-camera lighting when possible. Overall, the spring and summer months offer up vast possibilities for capturing scenes... from portraits to sports to landscapes. Wilderness and beach scenes. And my favorite, more comfortable sessions where my hands aren't numb and I'm not putting a subject through mental and physical warfare with adverse conditions :)

But first, we have to wait until the thermometer makes its way above freezing so all this snow could melt....

Longing for these views

Longing for these views