Further evolution

As you take on more work and projects, you'll evolve and learn as a side benefit. Your networking will lead to inquiries, requests and beneficial conversations that are golden opportunities to get invaluable exposure. Taking on work that sits outside of your norm is fine; as at the end of the day Photography is Photography. It's always a positive experience to deliver a finished product when your customer is happy and you're proud of the end result. Bottom line, you can always take on projects to help build relationships, establish a presence and become a trusted resource and partner.

Take on personal projects when you're testing techniques, working on lighting, or filling in gaps of your portfolio. Recruit those closest to you - it's a way to connect, laugh and have some fun. A huge benefit is that you can document your growth as well as theirs (especially in the case of kids). I like to think of these opportunities as a chance for free marketing and expanding your word-of-mouth network.

The last month has been busy in winding down from New York Fashion Week, curating, sneaking in some outdoor portrait work in between the raindrops, addressing storage needs and something more tangible to you - re-branding this site. Thanks for your patience and thanks for stopping by. As with the hints above, we'll be seeing some business marketing work in the very near future, as local and urban networking will bear its fruit. Stay tuned!