Summer Plans

As we’ve turned the corner from a late winter and oddball spring, we’re coming into a new season of productivity and creativity. Taking on new projects such as brand promotion, fashion, local projects and even relaxing personal photography have led to building more connections that can only help round out the next quarter of the year.

Working with other small businesses (personal shoppers, bloggers and fitness trainers) has given me additional insight into how others grind it out each and every day. Fashion models, dancers and actresses are providing the opportunity to further help shape and create personal brands and present them to the world- agencies, their clients, and audiences. I’ve also taken on a project in providing photography for a local monthly magazine. This endeavor puts people like you and me in front of the lens- these are not models, but local business people and leaders. My community at work. There’s more guidance and personal creativity required, which is a bonus as I take my turn in helping shape the look of a magazine cover.

Finally, there are the personal projects like landscape and nature. These are the times I get to relax, enjoy the weather and our environment. I go solo or meet up with other local landscape and nature photographers. It’s a drastic change from conceptualizing and arranging a photo shoot involving a studio, models, stylists, makeup artists and designers. It’s a departure of ensuring a brand is picture-perfect in helping them advertise their look and feel for commerce. It’s about honing different camera skills, and the work involved afterward by utilizing software that doesn’t involve keeping consistent skin tones but more about being artistic with ambient lighting, shadows and color temperature.

Enjoy your summer, as we’re enjoying longer days and more opportunities to expand our horizons and business potential.