Have fun, bring your world into your work

I've always looked to my kids to be part of my endeavors here. They were easier to convince earlier on, and as time passes it can be like pulling teeth to get them to be part of a scene. It's as if they've got their personal paparazzi tagging along at times... at the ball field, the school yard, out and about on long drives in the summer seeing the sights.

As my daughter gets older now, it's a matter of putting a camera into her hands to give her the chance to create her own memories. Perhaps showing her the joy of what we do and why we do it. It's a great way to engage her in the art, as well as take her attention away from her own phone - the bane of parents everywhere. I've introduced her to a film camera, teaching her to shoot manual. If there's any way to help an 11 year old jump headfirst into photography, this is it. There's no instant gratification. There's no chance at Instagram updates. There's no Snapchatting. Fundamentally, she's learning composition and the magic of the exposure triangle. She's developing patience, and she's looking for the shot.

The proud dad in me listened to her tell me she wants to learn so she can "keep photography in the family". The reflex was a nod with pride, then a glance up to the skies to my father. Now, it's on me to learn how to teach this craft that I'm continuously learning myself. Challenge accepted, and now the fun really begins.

The young street photographer and her sidekick brother

The young street photographer and her sidekick brother

Forward looking

As the year kicks off, we're met with blistering cold temps, heavy snow... and if you're lazy, you'll revert back to the bad habits of last year - before the resolutions kicked in. Or were supposed to kick in. Anyway. Here we are, so I've decided to give my site a reboot of sorts. The content has been shuffled slightly, a change in host, and unfortunately a loss of previous blog entries. Not they were that plentiful, but this entry will be the first in a re-branded site.

Tomorrow morning the kids and I head off to the city; we're hitting a museum to catch some culture and learning, followed by an errand to pick up a print as a gift as well as dropping off a couple rolls of FILM. And that's one resolution I'll follow this year- more prints. And more film. Because as we learn about your written work being vaporized by the internet, we don't want our photographic work to be totally lost in the same way one day.... so why not have tangible evidence of our creations where many eyes can see it for hopefully many more years to come? More prints! And yes... more film photography.