Vincent Alongi is a native New Yorker; Queens-bred, raised on Long Island, and a NYC explorer at heart. Raised by an artist / photographer, Vincent was taught the importance of composition, lighting, and meaningful content from an early age.

He makes his living in the corporate world by day while practicing the art of photography every chance he can get, covering diverse genres and situations.


Vincent primarily works in the digital format; however he is newly experimenting with analog photography. Vincent equally enjoys both color and black and white, as both can convey the proper mood depending on the setting.

As a self-taught photographer, Vincent enjoys capturing moments in street settings, city, architectural, landscapes, aspiring with portraits and candid moments. He places an emphasis on light and shadow, as well as the human element in setting a tone.

His two children are his favorite subjects, as their youthful emotion can be essential in telling a story.

Vincent Alongi's photography and story has been featured in The Phoblographer.