Based on Long Island, New York. Queens-bred, raised on Long Island, and a lover of NYC's culture and vibe. Raised by an artist / photographer, I was taught the importance of composition, lighting, and meaningful content from an early age. As long as I can remember, I've been touring museums and taking in the creative arts as an unknowing student of artistic expression of the human spirit and figure.

Working in the corporate world by day while practicing the art of photography every chance I can get, I always have a camera with me covering the human element and other diverse genres. I've found that something simple as street photography has helped me hone my eye toward the human element, while guiding these skills toward portraiture and capturing the artistic expression all of us carries within.

For my personal projects, my children are my favorite subjects. Their youthful emotion can be essential in telling a story of the human element we seek in photography. I routinely work on technique and develop my skills with them, as they can challenge and inspire to create and capture life's moments.


An expanding client base centered around portrait, fashion, modeling, lifestyle / environmental portfolio capturing thoughtful, candid and creatively honest moments with an emphasis on telling the story behind his subjects. I place an emphasis on light and shadow to set the tone across my projects.

Primarily working in the digital format for production, I'm experimenting with analog photography as a means to slow down the process of creating an image. Color and black and white styles can both be used to create a portfolio or project depending on mood, direction and the goals of a subject. Using natural light as a base or employing flash / strobe lighting can help accentuate a scene... or as needed given the setting of the shoot.

Currently entertaining working engagements and projects and will travel accordingly. Contact me to book portrait sessions for modeling, fashion, individual work, family portraits, holiday creations, social media and business promotional ideas. We can discuss your goals, ideas and direction to shape your vision.